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Egwene and Aviendha by Sonja-from-Finland Egwene and Aviendha by Sonja-from-Finland
What I imagine Egwene and Aviendha from Wheel of Time books looking like.

Egwene is supposed to look like she still lives at Two Rivers and unfortunately the scanner bleached her pale green shirt to even paler and well it looks better in the original.

Aviendhas hair was strawberryblonde in original which I have after rereading the books realized to be way too pale and blonde colour for her hair. Yeah if she were real, oppen hair would get tangled and messy especially because I always imagined her hair when she starts to grow it to stick every where.

Warning rant by a bitter shipper who doesn't like all canon pairings:

By the way the reason why I drew Egwene and Aviendha together is because they (and Asmodean) are the only people with whom Rand has enough interaction to base a romance on. And I hate Gawyn so much that I wish he would have died already. Elayne was nice and interesting untill she became Queen of Andor and I would like her much better as Rands friend than as a love interest because their romance comes across as lust and very little else. I liked Min at first but when I reread the books and noticed how bitchy she was without reason and the fact that instead of staying as a manly-woman in mens clothes she became girly for Rand.

I wish there were more alternate universe fan fics so I could read about Rand/Egwene/Aviendha(/Asmodean) fics instead of the canon or pairings are canon alternate universe. I try to find Rand/Egwene fics but they are just so incredibly rare that I have read just few (if you know some please tell me). Rand/justAviendha fics are more common but many that I found were too alternate universe and had Egwene bashing and Moiraine bashing so I didn't mind that they were unfinished (Rand/Aviendha fics are also appreciated). Rand/Asmodean despite being one of my favourite pairings and my slash OTP I haven't really read that many fics about because usually there is ton of bad slash and I just don't want to go through the bad ones to find the few good fics.

Sorry all I just needed to rant since it seems like I am the only one who ships this OT4 and I can't find good fic/am scared of having to go throuh much bad fic of even parts of the pairing, that I just needed to rant. Sorry if it comes across insulting to your OTP but I don't care about what you ship as long as you let me ship what I ship.

Does anyone know more fic sites than and where I could find Wheel of Time fics?

Disclaimer: Wheel of Time and characters don't belong to me.
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January 14, 2011
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